Are student loans eligible for debt settlement?

Well, it depends on the type of student loans. Private student loans are definitely eligible for debt settlement. In fact, it's our recommended approach. If you have a huge balance due every month and you're seeing that you're not making a dent. You're paying $7.50 and the balance is remaining the same and you see that going on for the rest of your life, sometimes defaulting and engaging in debt settlement is one of the best tactics to deal with that and it's something that we recommend. It does hurt your credit, of course, but you're able to pay maybe 30-40 cents on the dollar instead, perhaps sometimes less.

As for federal student loans, no. They have income-based programs with debt forgiveness that are very good but they typically don't settle on student loans. The exception is, if the student loan is very old, 10 years or so, it's been in default, it's with the Department of Justice, they do do settlements and we have achieved some very nice settlements on behalf of clients for those.

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