Christie Arkovich is one of the smartest, most professional and caring attorneys I know. I worked for her over 10 yrs ago. I returned to her as a client because of my inside knowledge of her work and her integrity. I remained in the legal field and continue to refer my own clients, friends and family to her due to my trust in her and her work. I highly recommend Mrs. Arkovich.

- Paris Dube'

Christie and her team did EXACTLY what they said they would do and that's hard to find with any attorney! She helped me get my student loan debt forgiven which has been a burden on me for 25+ years due to my illness.
It was seamless! And well worth the reasonable price she charged. Team is knowledgeable (another thing hard to find with law offices) and very responsive!

- Tammala Gockley

You are an absolute rock star Christie!!! Thank you for all that you do. - OMG it’s late (10pm) & you are still at it responding to emails - I salute you & thank you 1million times. I am forever indebted to you & your expertise for selflessly going the extra mile.

- Cleetuss Fritz

I hired attorney Christie Arkovich today 5/5/2021 to help me with my 95K in student loans. At 58 years old with debilitating health problems, I wondered how I would ever be able to pay back all my federal loans! After hearing her talk on a podcast, I felt hopeful she would be able to help. So I called and spoke with Sandra and we made a Zoom consultation appointment to discuss my options (I live in Michigan & her office is in Tampa, Florida). After that 30-minute call with Christie, I was 5,000% sure that the federal discharge program she talked about was the ONLY way for me to handle my loans. It’s hard to ask for help and remain hopeful when you have faced so many health problems for years. Today I have high hopes that Christie Arkovich and her staff can help. I’m in good hands and I now can spend all of my time and energy on healing instead of worrying about my student loans. The process has begun.

- Tangerine Transformation

Christie Arkovich is the premier source for all things Student Loans. In a one hour consult I gained 10 years of peace of mind. Our consultation was extremely informative and encouraging and when we hung up the phone I had the confidence and resources to tackle my loans. She has the roadmap, and the keys. Don't hesitate any longer. Call Christie, let her walk you through the maze, and move forward, strategically, with your life. Thanks again Christie!

- Winton Wilks

Christie and team did an amazing job navigating student loan issues and got everything back on track. They quickly worked to remove flags that were preventing underwriters from approving my home loan.

- Jim Farland

I've had the benefit of Christie Arkovich working on my behalf in the past with great results. When I was faced with a student loan matter, I could not think of anyone else to call. After providing her with necessary documentation, she and her team were relentless in seeing this matter through. I am thankful to say it's been resolved with excellent results. I would recommend Christie to anyone. Thank you Christie!

- Elaine Smith

The personal details are not important - what is important is that I highly recommend this professional team of women for whatever your specific legal needs may be and would use them again if needed. To Christie, Barbara, Angie and any others I may have corresponded with: Thank you for your knowledge, expertise, compassion and patience, with an extra specific thank you to Angie Glaser who has been there to answer any and all of my questions since the beginning and continues to be able to assist me whenever about whatever I may be inquiring about.

- Michael Fluno

My wife had a student loan for her son from before we married. She currently does not work because of various disabilities. Atty Arkovich's team took on our case and got the loan discharged because of her disabilities in less than 45 days. We worked with her team to fill in the required forms and doctors evaluation with minimal effort on our part.
They were professional and easy to work with. Thank You. We were burdened with this problem for over 10 years.

- Bill Fabbri

I came to the Arkovich Law Firm with very specific needs regarding consolidating and organizing my student loans. I was overwhelmed and didn't know how to proceed. Their team is FANTASTIC - professional, knowledgeable and very thorough. I recommend them to all of my friends and acquaintances struggling with student loans. I give them an A+++

- - Rachel Leigh

Student Loan Rehab
Christie did an awesome job getting me straightened out with my student loans! I had been in trouble with them and trying to make payments for years, and finally was about to give up. Trying to negotiate with the collectors was so hard, and Christie answered a lot of my questions right up front, and knew her stuff. Christie's team took care of everything and got me on a federal student-loan forgiveness/rehab program, so I'm finally not in default anymore! I would recommend them to anybody who needs a lawyer!

- Jody

I consulted with Christie regarding a foreclosure on my deceased parents estate. I was interested in shortselling the home to a childhood friend. Only problem we had less than a month to sort through and figure everything out. Christie postponed the sale date immediately then her and her staff went in and negotiated all the way until the day hour i mean literally down to the minute during closing to make what I was trying to do happen in which she was successful! Even with a bank that was rejecting declining and refusing to work anything out with me before hiring Christie. Christie was professional informative and responded pretty fast with great ending results. Her fees were very reasonable and I woudnt hesitate to refer her to anyone and I definitely will let her represent me again if ever need it.

- Sam

Student loans dismissed altogether
Christie was a superb attorney I am 63. And widowed and was severely in student. Loan debt She was so helpful to me. She knew everything to do and eased my mind . I would never have thought that anyone could get me out of debt especially 78,,000 worth of loans she really was great. Thank you so very much for making my life so much easier and less stressful.

- Client

Christie is a consummate professional, incredibly detail oriented and committed to serving her clients. I highly recommend her for any legal services!

- Matt Weidner

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