Rebuilding Credit and Qualifying for a Mortgage

After years of helping our clients plan the best exit strategy for home purchases gone bad, lost incomes and other financial pitfalls, we have now put together a comprehensive team and resources to help our clients rebuild their credit and get on with their lives.

Why use our team to rebuild credit?

We have teamed up with a local Tampa Bay firm who is licensed as a credit repair organization to review and clean up credit reports. Their counseling services can help to ensure that you are able to qualify for loans. In the event that they discover possible violations, they will refer those to us for filing lawsuits for damages and permanent removal of the improper negative information.

Why use our team to qualify for a mortgage and to buy a home?

rating We are familiar with the financing requirements for VA, FHA, USDA and Conventional loans. We have a network of Realtors in the Tampa Bay area we work with. We can refer you to a mortgage broker familiar with the complications of a prior bankruptcy, short sale or foreclosure sale. We have created a list of conventional lenders who are sympathetic toward folks with prior financial problems. Some of these lenders will offer a home mortgage in as little as a day out of bankruptcy or without the need to wait out the normal two years after a bankruptcy.

Consumer litigation and debt settlement options.

Have you ever heard that the best defense is a good offense? Often the easiest way to clear a client’s credit and settle debt involves taking advantage of consumer protection laws. If you have consumer debt, please save all letters and keep track of phone calls from creditors. Violations can lead to monetary damages by statute or can be used as leverage to settle debts on more favorable terms.

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