ABC Action News 08/24/2022 ABC Action News - " Biden announces long-awaited student debt forgiveness plan; up to $20K will be forgiven"

10 Tampa Bay 08/24/2022 - "There is more help beyond $10K in student loan debt forgiveness, here's how to take advantage of it"

Scripps National News 01/28/2022 Scripps National News - "Bankruptcy for Private Student Loans"

TedEd 08/23/2020 TedEd - "Advanced Directives and Estate Planning"

The Denver channel 06/23/2020 The Denver Channel - "Things to consider before trying to discharge student loan debt through bankruptcy"

The American Prospect 05/31/2020 The American Prospect - "Unsanitized: States and Consumer Advocates Battling for Student Borrowers"

The Penny Hoarder 05/26/2020 The Penny Hoarder - "5 Questions to Ask Before Deciding if Student Loan Forbearance Can Help You"

Money Talk 1010 4/29/20 Radio Interview of Christie Arkovich - "Dealing with Debt During COVID-19 by Money Talks 1010AM"

Financial Services Perspectives Logo 04/14/2020 Financial Services Perspectives - "Misrepresentation Claims Not Preempted: Eleventh Circuit Rules Against Preemption in Student Loan Case"

CBS Miami Logo 04/11/2020 4 CBS Miami - "Court Backs Borrowers In Loan Forgiveness Fight"

Student Defense Logo 04/10/2020 Student Defense - "Lawson-Ross v. Great Lakes"

The Penny Hoarder 04/01/2020 The Penny Hoarder - "How You Could Get a Temporary Break From Student Loans Due to COVID-19"

CNBC Logo 12/18/2019 CNBC - "She was denied public service loan forgiveness, so she filed a lawsuit"

Fox 13 05/16/2019 Fox 13 - "College Scorecard a wealth of information on every college and university in the country."

Student Loan Solutions Student Loans | Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

abc action news 1/31/2019 ABC Action News - WFTS - Tampa Bay, "Federal government not forgiving student loans for Americans working in public service for a decade"

abc action news 1/14/2019 ABC Action News - WFTS - Tampa Bay, "Florida Board of Health Suspends Health Care Licenses Over Student Loan Defaults"

CNBC 12/20/2018 CNBC - "She was Denied Public Service Loan Forgiveness, so She Filed a Lawsuit"

The Penny Hoarder 10/19/2018 The Penny Hoarder - "Student Loan Forgiveness Just Got Easier if Your School was Seriously Shady"

Dollar Stretcher The Dollar Stretcher - "When You Should Consider Using Your 401k to Pay Down Federal Student Loan Debt"

One News Page 2/1/2018 One News Page - "Student Loan Nightmare: Navient Accused of Misleading Students About Loan Forgiveness "

CNN Money 1/2/2018 CNN Money - "Student Loan Nightmare: 'I Have to Start all Over' "

Huffpost 10/18/2017 Huffington Post - "Outside the Box Bankruptcy Solutions for Student Loans Really Exist"

Dollar Stretcher The Dollar Stretcher - "Could Student Loan Debt Derail Your Retirement?"

abc action news 4/28/2016 ABC Action News - WFTS - Tampa Bay, Many People Frustrated by Student Loan Debt: Make Sure You Do Your Research On Loan Servicer.

Student Loan Solutions Class Actions filed for Public Service Loan Forgiveness in Florida

Fox 13 2/8/12 Tampa Florida Channel 13, Reporter Jeremy Campbell, Interviews Christie Arkovich About the "Student Loan Debt Bomb".

Fox 13 5/15/17 Tampa Florida Channel 13, Reporter Sorboni Banerjee, Interviewed Christie Arkovich About Living with Student Loan Debt.

abc action news 1/19/2017 ABC Action News - WFTS - Tampa Bay, Lawsuit Filed Against Student Loan Servicer, Navient, Could Benefit Millions of Borrowers

abc action news 10/13/2016 ABC Action News - WFTS - Tampa Bay, TAKING ACTION FOR YOU | New Hope for Many In-Debt Students

Channel 10 logo 07/28/2017 10News WTSP, Retiring in Debt: Student Loan Nearly Doubles for Local Parents

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