Are there debts that I cannot discharge through bankruptcy?

There are several debts that are non-dischargeable in a bankruptcy. One of them is newer taxes. Any taxes that are due less than three years old. Income taxes are non-dischargeable. Payroll taxes, sales taxes are also non-dischargeable. Debts that are incurred by virtue of fraud or false pretenses are non-dischargeable. If there's an accident as a result of a DUI that also damages, could be non-dischargeable. Student loans is something that we're always questioned about and they're usually non-dischargeable, but there are ways to discharge a student loan, if you can show an undue hardship, for instance.

We recently were successful in a case where we got rid of several hundred thousand of student loans that were private for a student that had attended a non-accredited, non-eligible for federal funding Caribbean medical school and so there are instances where student loans can be discharged, but they are hard to do sometimes.

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