My credit card company is going to sue me. What are the requirements for how the complaint is served?

Well, generally, our clients are served by what's called personal service, a process server comes out to the house. They will either be a deputy sheriff or a private party. They'll hand deliver a summons. It's not required to get a copy of your driver's license. You're not required to sign the summons. Some of our clients think that that's a requirement, but it really isn't.

They can also do substitute service. It's important that you inform anyone that you live with over the age of 15 that if they get a summons, let you know or else you could have a default.

Another popular way of summons service is if they can't find you, they can actually serve you by publication. It's important to not evade service and keep an eye on things, maybe the look of the court dockets, maybe consult with an attorney if you think you're about to be served, because service can go on without you knowing about it, by publication. That's a little red newspaper, and you won't know, and you'll have a default judgment against you that could last 20 years. See an attorney if you think you're about to be served.

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