Helping Your Clients Take Back Their Lives From Their Student Loans

Help your clients (or yourself) to proactively reduce student loan debt. In this course, you will learn how to identify and differentiate between loan types and various federal programs to maximize debt forgiveness and address possible taxable events.

This will include tips and pitfalls for Income-Driven Plans, consolidation, refinance, public service, and disability programs. Bonus: learn how to eliminate and discharge private student loan debt - a very hot topic right now!

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify a plan and be proactive to reduce student loan for your clients or yourself
  • Identify and differentiate between loan types and various federal programs
  • Recognize onsolidation – it’s not what you think
  • List traps and tips on how to qualify for Public Service Loan Forgiveness
  • Recognize when to refinance with a private lender
  • List debt settlement or discharge options with federal and private loans
  • Identify tax considerations

"If you want to know your real options on taking out student loans and how to repay your student loans or get forgiveness, this class is a must."

- Allen Bleick (A. Allen & Assoc)

"I now understand why I have had such difficulty dealing with Navient the past 8 years. Thanks for a quick education we can't get elsewhere."

- Cindy S, Fort Collins, CO

"A ton of useful information here. Great course and I'd highly recommend to anyone struggling with, or knows someone who is struggling with, student loans. I hope that I can one day take my life back from these crushing student loans!"

- Jared S, Marion, NC

"Exceeded expections by 500%. Concrete recommendations and possible steps to take regarding student loans. Having had to personally deal with obstructive student loan personal - I wish I'd had this webinar earlier. However, due to my own expiriences I have been able to assist some tax clients regarding their own student loans. This information clarifies and verifies some info I fought hard to obtain. I look forward to looking at speaker's website for additional information."

- Janice C, Castro Valley, CA

"The instructor and information submitted was EXCEPTIONAL!!!"

- Shonette Sullivan (The Shekinah Group, LLC)

"Very knowledgeable presenter. You can tell she really loves her work"

- Alan Pollack (ALAN H POLLACK, CPA)

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